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iTakshila - What are iCredits

What are iCredits – How to earn money on iTakshila

iTakshila Introduces iCredits – Learn more about what are they & how they are used by all members of the website. Go ahead & start earning.

iTakshila - FAQ's

What are the FAQ's of iTakshila? - Read more

Sexual Harassment – The Devil In the Society Nobody Talks About

School life is the most important phase of an individual’s life as it is in school only, that a person’s personality is molded, his mind is crafted and his ambitions for life are set. But in this fragile phase a few glitches can also turn into something serious that scars a person for life. Sexual harassment is one such nuisance that is widespread but not that much talked about.

Should We Teach About Homosexuality in Schools?

It is natural tendency that persons of one gender are sexually or emotionally attracted towards persons with opposite gender...


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