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What are iCredits – How to earn money on iTakshila

What is iCredits?

iCredits is the way of returning the good gesture from iTakshila Team to all students who have been continuously helping our platform grow & reach far more students.

To put it up in simple words, iCredits is kind of like reward system where in for each of the activity you perform on the website is credited with few points which can be further exchanged for the cash, buying books from our website, purchasing our paid modules to enhance your profile or to gift one of these packages to your beloved tutors or teachers.

How does iCredits Work?




Post a question in Q&A -

50 credits

Repeated questions being asked would be rejected & before the question is posted on the website admin approval is mandatory to keep the right sort of questions on our website.

Answer a question

20 credits

You can answer only 5 questions in a day

Reviewing a Tutor

30 credits

You can only review a Tutor or a teacher after having started a conversation with them, so that you only review the teachers you know.

Time spent on website

50 credits for each 10 minutes

Idle webpages would not be allowed credits.

Reading Articles

25 credits for each article

Credits would be given only for 10 articles per day.

Like the tutor answer

10 credits

For all the answers you like given by the respective subject teacher you would receive credits, limited to 10 per day.


You will recieve 250 iCredits on the intial sign up which you can find there on your dashboard. Use your referral URL to invite your friends to earn more iCredits.

The levels of profile you will reach will be dependent on the iCredits you have.

  1. Bronze – 10,000 iCredits – Exchange your points for 1,000/- INR
  2. Silver – 25,000 iCredits – Exchange your points for 3000/- INR
  3. Gold – 50,000 iCredits – Exchange your points for 5500/- INR
  4. Platinum – 75,000 iCredits – Exchange your points for 9000/- INR
  5. Titanium – 1,00,000 iCredits – Exchange your points for 15,000/- INR

We will be waiting for the very first Titanium Student Profile, see ya soon!


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