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Sexual Harassment – The Devil In the Society Nobody Talks About

Sexual Harassment – The Devil In the Society Nobody Talks About

School life is the most important phase of an individual’s life as it is in school only, that a person’s personality is molded, his mind is crafted and his ambitions for life are set. But in this fragile phase a few glitches can also turn into something serious that scars a person for life. Sexual harassment is one such nuisance that is widespread but not that much talked about.

Some foul minded people have perversions that manifest into unruly behavior causing mental and physical harm to children who are not mature enough to cope with such things so early in their life. Sexual harassment can take any form be it verbal, physical or emotional. Although it is a crime, but due to fear and shame children often fail to report such instances to their parents or their teachers leading to problems like depression and low self- esteem.



A much publicized example of sexual harassment is that of Anurag Kashyap (Famous Bollywood Director), who has reported one such case of sexual harassment, while he was enrolled in a Boarding school in Gwalior.

He was sexually molested by the hostel warden and that incident scared him for life. He even admitted that his movies have a reflection of this dark period of his life. So it is evident that sexual harassment has a deep impact on a child’s personality and mental makeup.

So what can the society do to spread more awareness about sexual harassment and deal with the ugly mess that it brings to our children?

  • One major step is to educate children about the subject of sex so that they can at least report such instances to their parents.

But what if the child is not even mature enough to be educated; then it is the sole responsibility of the teachers to safeguard children from such uncalled-for behavior. Early reporting of sexual harassment is also important in order to creep out this menace early in its development. The government can also start awareness campaigns and come up with strict punishments for defaulters that deters them from indulging in such acts.

So leaving the solutions to a side is it really possible to deal with sexual harassment and provide a safe environment to children for them to study and grow? In my opinion it is perfectly possible to achieve a society that is free from menaces like sexual harassment. A prime example of this is JAPAN.

Japan, especially Tokyo has a world renowned society that is free from crime against children. This is because Japanese people have created their social fabric that is based on the values of trust, social empathy and socialism. People is Tokyo often allow their children to go to school alone irrespective of the distance and they are totally sure of their ward’s safety while he studies and plays at school. Sexual harassment is completely a non-occurrence in Tokyo. Hence it is a Social model we all need to learn from and emulate. 

 What do you think of it, do let us know in the comments down below?




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