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Should We Teach About Homosexuality in Schools?

 Let’s Talk about Homosexuality? Yes, This Needs To Be Talked About


It is natural tendency that persons of one gender are sexually or emotionally attracted towards persons with opposite gender i.e. males are attracted towards females and vice versa. But sometimes and in some cases this sexual or emotional attraction is not towards opposite sex rather it is towards the same sex persons. This same sex attraction or orientation is known as Homosexuality and persons with such orientation are called as Homosexuals. Homosexuals can be persons of both the sexes i.e. Gays (male-male) and Lesbians (female-female). The term LGBT is also commonly used for persons with homosexual orientations; LGBT being abbreviation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans-genders.


To think of it, gay rights activists do have a point when they say that in a free society what two individuals do in the privacy of their home should not be a matter of concern for anyone else as long as they are not indulging in any crime. Moreover, if Section 377 is done away with, then more and more people may come out of the closet and accept their sexual preferences and not remain in denial or pain their whole life. It may also help their families to come to terms with it. One cannot deny the fact that gays and lesbians exist all around us and no law will force them to change their sexual preferences.



RESIST and REJECT the bill which betrays the very community it seeks to protect. This is nothing but an attempt to deny transgender people their full rights and suppress their demands by presenting a watershed bill. The government's rejection of ALL the recommendations of the Parliamentary committee shows us how little it cares for the actual welfare of the people. It rejected the voices of the community while framing the bill.



REASONS Why the Bill is a nightmare


1. Wrong and insulting definition of trans people and confusion between transgender and intersex people

2. No proper attempt at addressing sexual assault on trans-intersex people.

3. Invasive and humiliating medical exam to determine trans-ness

4. Nothing to deal with the discriminations in education, employment, healthcare, interlinkages with caste.

5. No mention of police violence

6. No mention of self-determination of gender as male or female or third gender and pushing everyone into the third gender category.

7. Criminalizing beggary, so a tool to en-masse jail trans folks

8. Takes away the choice of Trans people to leave their abusive families.


How does one even talk about sexuality when we're not even supposed to talk about sex?

Do the people even know that sexualities other than hetero exist?


The only way they would ever come across it is through media which falsely displays queer lifestyle (if they even display it at all) and the audience ends up with some serious misconceptions.

Also unlike many nations, the Indian society is less tolerating towards changes or any activity that's not considered "normal". Owing to century long practices and stereotypes, they believe that any sexuality other than hetero is not meant to be and is treated as a taboo.


The Indian society believes that every family must have a male and a female to reproduce and ensure the survival of family genes. Also, they strongly believe in gender roles - males are supposed to be dominating and females are supposed to be submissive.


Any male who doesn't match the society's masculinity standards is bullied and any female who is found to be rebellious is outcasted and shunned.


Basically, being an Indian queer is considered a huge dishonor, a disregard of family and blood relatives, a matter of social humiliation, a flaw of character and an invitation for discrimination.


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